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Alpine Skis

"The bitterness of poor quality & performance will linger far longer than the sweetness of low price" --Unknown

Here are the top six reasons why you should buy your next pair of skis from Pierce:


All of our customers undergo an extensive Q & A session enabling our staff to better assess your specific equipment needs.

Pierce's Performance Matrix

All of our skis are indexed into an easy to understand performance grid that corresponds with the icons that you see on trail signs, as well as your intended use.

  • FIS Racing
  • Adult League Racing
  • Carving / Frontside
  • All Mountain / All Conditions
  • Pure Mountain / Side-Country
  • Park / Pipe


Independent Testing

All of the skis on our shelf have been subjected to independent testing by our own staff on the local slopes where our focus was adult league racing skis & front-side groomer skis as well as out west in Grand Targhee, WY where our focus was on all-mountain/all-condition and big-mountain/back country skis.  We also interface with athletes, coaches, ski instructors and patrollers; enabling us to make the best and most knowledgeable recommendations possible.  Not only have we been there and done that - we have been there and skied that.

New Ski Tuning

Manufacturers do a great job building skis.  They however are subject to cutting corners when it comes to base and edge preparation.  Upon arrival all of our skis are stone ground "flat" receiving the patented Montana Crystal Glide Finish, specific base and side edge bevels are set and polished.  Lastly, the bases are hot waxed and brushed.


All our skis can be purchased as a discounted package inclusive of skis, bindings, poles, new ski tuning and binding installation and calibration.  We performance match the components to simplify your equipment investment.


Biostance Customization

Virtually all of our skis are Biostance compatible enabling us to alter both the ramp & cant resulting in proper alignment enabling you to achieve maximum performance, control and enjoyment of your skiing.

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