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Montana Challenge

The Bar Has Just Been Raised

The Newest Addition to Pierce's Elite Tuning Center and the Midwest's First Montana Challenge is Now Operating.

Our commitment to providing the finest ski tuning in the Midwest has been validated again with our investment in the finest ski tuning machinery in the world - Montana of Switzerland. Stop in and see it in action and talk with Pierce's Service Manager Eric Jacobson who was in Switzerland in early May for training with the same technicians who develop the grinds for the World Cup racer chasers. Make sure to ask him about the Lindsey Vonn grind!

The Montana Challenge machine is a parallel stone grinder which grinds skis simultaneously. Not only does this machine grind skis but it also sets the side edge bevel and radial tunes simultaneously. The process happens in three stages:

1. Stone Grinding
2. Side Edge Grinding
3. Base Edge Grinding

In addition to this three step approach, the Montana patented Pressure Curve is used . The Pressure Curve calculates the difference in ski width from tip to tail assuring uniform grinding pressure from tip to tail and side edge to side edge.

This level of service is unprecedented in the area. The next closest machine of this caliber is outside a thousand mile radius of the Twin Cities. Another reason why Pierce Skate and Ski is the only place to have your skis tuned.


Meet the Service Staff

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