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"I did play a lot of pond hockey..... It's where you polish your skills & freeze your toes" -Pascal Dupuis

Since 1936

In 1936 Walter Pierce founded Pierce’s Trading Post & Skate Exchange at 9th & Marquette in Minneapolis and since then we have been “Where the Skaters Go!”  Today 3 generations later Pierce Skate & Ski is still family owned and operated. 

Trade-In Program

One of the cornerstones of our Skate Department has been our Trade-In Program aimed specifically at kids and their constantly growing feet.


All of our customers undergo a thorough question and answer session that includes: 
  • Visual inspection of the feet.
  • Proper socks.  
  • Both feet are measured.
Net Result = Correct Fit 


Correct fit is the essential 1st step in your skate investment. Customization and personalization is the 2nd. The following services are provided (when applicable) at no additional charge with your hockey skate purchase:
  • Heat Molding & Compression Fitting
  • Pressure point adjustments
  • Expert Sharpening
Net Result= Maximum Skating Performance & Comfort

Hockey Skates and Gear

Our focus on the hockey market is pleasure skating, pond hockey and the kids market with our trade-in program.
  • Youth sizes 8 through Men’s 12
  • C.C.M., Easton & Mission skates & protective gear
  • C.C.M., Easton & Sherwood sticks

Meet the Skate Staff

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