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Eric's Recommendations for Upcoming Races

Wild Mountain
Date of Event:
Dec 15, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018
Wax Recommendation:
Option #1 Swix LF5 + MB-77 Optional overlay = Swix Rocket Cold Option #2 Raceservice Zf-2 + Swix LF3 Overlay = Zuprtour
Wax Ratio:
Humidity Level:
90% to 100%
Additional Information:

It's the 1st local race of the year for everyone.  This week we have freezing drizzle and fog mid-week which will result in high humidy into the weekend with temp's rising into the 30's, while the snow pack will remain significantly colder.  When you are done racing it is suggested to use Swix Fluoro Cleaner to pull out the contaminates that come with man made snow and then re-condition the bases with Swix MB-77.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at


Eric Jacobson - Service Manager


Ski Tuning Seminars

Ski Tuning Seminars

Beginning Tuesday January 8th 2019 Pierce Service Department Manager, Eric Jacobson, will be conducting our extremely popular Ski Maintenance Seminars.  The seminars are held at Pierce from 7 to 8:30 pm on Tuesday nights through February 12th.  These seminars are FREE!  Pre-registration is required as class sizes are limited to 10 per week.  Please call our Service Department at 952.884.1990 or register in person at the Service Desk.
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